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Mastermind Group Facilitator

About “The Dynamite Circle” and “DC Accelerator”

We are Dynamite Circle, one of the leading communities for online entrepreneurs. The ‘DC’ was established over 10 years ago as a place for like-minded, internet-based founders to discuss business challenges and opportunities.

“DC Accelerator” is a program of the DC with coaching, mentoring, and facilitated masterminds. Members set goals and measurable plans and are set on the path to achieve them.

The Role of the Facilitator

This role starts in July 2024. It is around ~10 hours of work per month, and the payment is $1600 per month.

As a facilitator, you will moderate 4 mastermind groups. The calls take place once a month, and last 2-2.5 hours (~10 hours/mo). There are 6 members on each call.

Our facilitators are key to the community and the effectiveness of these calls. As a facilitator, you are the common link between members. You also represent the community as the leader of these calls.

Through this process, members gain a deeper understanding of each other’s businesses. This often leads to connections, insights, dealflow, etc. that can aid in a member's growth.

This is an opportunity to help many of our fastest-growing founders and their companies directly. You’ll get a front-row seat to their success and will be important in moderating their conversations.

You’ll be managing tools such as a Miro Board, Google Meet, and WhatsApp groups to manage the groups, run the meeting, and help members move forward.

We believe the best facilitators are those who are great at listening and being stewards of conversations. Great facilitators are discreet with sensitive information and treat others with a high level of respect.

Our facilitators have a history of working with teams and some of them have exited companies. They understand how to lead, feel comfortable asking questions, and aren't afraid to interrupt and guide strong personalities when appropriate.

Who We Are Looking For

The types of people that thrive in this role have 5+ years experience as a facilitator/ Chief of Staff/ Director of Operations/ Retired Owner/ CEO or similar. Here are some of the traits we’re looking for.

Past facilitation experience. You should know how to lead a group, read the room, contribute to the conversation and keep it moving in a positive direction.

Operations and organization. You should be extremely organized and have had experience running meetings with agendas, note taking, and moving the conversation forward.

Worked with and run fast-moving teams. You should also be as ambitious as the founders in the mastermind. Members of DC Accelerator have serious goals and plans, and you will be a part of helping them reach those goals.

Alternatively, we’re also looking for anyone who has owned and exited a previous business. These entrepreneurs bring great experience to our groups and our members are excited for them to participate.

An understanding of the community is important. Members own small to medium-sized internet businesses. These businesses are self-funded.

We’re not looking for gurus or experts, we’re looking for practitioners who can empower our members and help them their goals.

The Work Involved

You are responsible for making sure your group meets every month. This is with email reminders and WhatsApp check-ins. In addition to successfully running the mastermind call, you must keep the group connected between calls.

You’ll run 3-4 mastermind groups and keep them motivated between calls, which will take around 10 hours a month.

Leading up to the Mastermind Calls:

  • Ensuring the group is prepared by completing the Miro board

During the Mastermind Calls:

  • Lead the call, follow the agenda, involve every participant

Between Calls:

  • Involvement in the WhatsApp group, engaging the the members, keeping the conversation moving forward

Availability / Working Hours

The work is flexible except for when the calls are happening. You must be available for each call and arrive early to greet everyone joining the call.

Between calls, you’ll be preparing for the next calls and checking in with the members. This is more flexible.

You should be available evenings in a North American timezone.

The Format of the Mastermind Call

The monthly call starts with updates from all the members. We use whiteboard software to track these updates each month. They take turns sharing their highs and lows since the last meeting that are relevant to previous hot seats or current events.

Following the updates, we begin the hot seat format. During this portion of the call, 2 members get the opportunity for 45 minutes to discuss and receive feedback on a specific topic they’d like to discuss. These topics can range from particular business opportunities or liabilities to more personal struggles i.e. partnerships.

During the hot seat discussion, it’s the moderator's job to keep the conversation going in a direction that’s helpful to the presenter. This can mean, asking the presenter to clarify key aspects of their issue, probing members to chime in, connecting a trail of conversation breadcrumbs for the group to consider, and sometimes sharing relevant stories from your experiences.

Near the end of the hot seat, the moderator will ask the presenter to summarize what they heard during the call and to share potential next steps. The hot seat member should leave this call with a feeling like they solved an important problem with the help of the group.

Preparing for the Mastermind Call

Successfully solving problems in this format starts with the members writing out their issues and roadblocks before the call. Members are encouraged to fill out a hot seat form which helps them to pose the topic so that it can be easily digested by their fellow members. By the time they get to the call, they should be fully prepared to discuss a flushed-out concept or idea.

After the Mastermind Call

Members communicate between calls on our private forum, email, and WhatsApp. As a facilitator, it’s your responsibility to make connections and introductions as they come up. This often means sending follow-up emails to members or relevant links that were discussed on calls. You should also be able to communicate with members about important dates and events in the community.

The Commitment

The facilitator will lead 4 groups per month with the option to take on more if you’d like. This amounts to 10 hours of calls per month. Consider 1-2 more hours per month of emails and basic admin for your group.

We will also request one call per quarter where we will invite all of our facilitators to join and share their experiences with their groups in an effort to improve the calls for our members. We’d expect a minimum of 6 months, however, the term can be extended indefinitely. Calls cannot be missed or rescheduled, you are expected to attend all calls and be prompt.

Compensation and Experience

Preferred 5+ years experience as a facilitator/ Chief of Staff/ Director of Operations/ Retired Owner/ CEO or similar. We welcome you to apply if you have experience in these roles with a little extra time on your hands.

If you have experience moderating conversations, leading discussions, and organizing people and ideas, this is all relevant experience.

$1600/ month for 4 calls (10 hours). If you have the capacity to take on more than 4 calls, please let us know.

This role starts in July 2024. It is around ~10 hours of work per month, and the payment is $1600 per month.

Thank you for taking the time to review the role and we’re looking forward to seeing your application!

The Dynamite Circle Team

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