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Director of Link Building

Get Me Links is looking to hire a full-time Director of Link Building to help balance the workload of our existing team, create systems for the fulfillment, keep a close eye on our orders, and implement new projects and services. Certain pre-qualifications are needed, please read through:


  • Ambitious: We're growing FAST. A thirst for growth and quality of work to match will be recompensated.

  • VERY organized: We work with a lot of data and different orders, all with plenty of details. You need to be really good at documenting everything and not dropping the ball.

  • Impeccable attention to detail: You read through, take notes, and remember details like people's names, etc. (btw my name is Alejandro, and if you send the application to any other name or Sir, Sir/Madam, Hiring Manager, etc., I won't read it ;) ).

  • Eager to learn: While you do need to bring proper Project Management experience and SEO experience, we'll be happy to teach you everything we know and provide access to courses in any other areas of knowledge we may lack in-house.

  • An A player: You don't just do "your best", you do what's required.

  • A team player: With a fast-growing team, everyone has to care about the other team members' success. You'll be directly checking on 30+ team members' progress on hundreds of orders. The capacity to understand each one of them, their particular needs, their workload, etc., and be able to balance it all is fundamental for your and their success.

  • A good communicator: You'll be capturing order details from clients, sometimes with plenty of little nuances / specific requirements. You need to be able to understand clearly what was requested and ensure the message gets across to the fulfillment team clearly.

  • Honest: You come forward when you mess up and communicate efficiently with your manager so you can fix the issue together. Everybody makes mistakes, it's how we react to them that makes a difference.

  • Effective: You get the most out of the hours you work.


  • Personal freedom: We don't have fixed schedules and the job is fully remote. You can set your own hours for as long as the job gets done.

  • Recognition: We strive to have a company culture where competence and team play is greatly appreciated.

  • Structure: While a young and flexible company, we have a defined structure of work and systems to complement them. You'll find an environment that supports your growth

WHAT YOU'LL FIND at Get Me Links

  • A friendly team: Our team is based in multiple locations, with a great % of the team based in the Philippines. We're all team players and care for our teammates' success.

  • A supportive environment: the CEO will be there for you to support your growth and integration into the team, and you'll be granted access to a lot of industry training (team management courses, six-sigma project management certifications, etc.)

  • A relaxed atmosphere: Don't confuse growth and ambition with stiffness. We value personal well-being above many other things. You'll find a friendly workplace with few meetings and no silly time-tracking or micromanaging bosses. There are KPIs in place that we use to know if work's on track or not. We care about results, not minutes.


  • Fluent spoken and written English absolutely required. Any other languages are valued.

  • 3 years+ previous experience as a project manager in a high-order volume service business or similar type of business is absolutely required.

  • 1 year+ experience in an SEO agency (any role)

  • 1 year+ experience leading a team of 10+ (in any shape of subdivisions) absolutely required.

  • Solid SEO understanding is required.

  • Proficiency in Excel/Google Sheets absolutely required.

  • Script (Google Sheets) development skills are required.


  • $2500 USD per month as a starting salary. One month training period. Three-month trial period.

  • $3000 to $5000 USD per month depending on skills and experience after the trial period. Revisions every 12 months.

  • Performance-based bonuses up to 50% of base salary after a trial period..

  • 13th month Payment (eligible after trial period) paid December 15th

  • Paid time off (national holidays + Christmas to New Year week + 2 weeks per year)


We have a strict no-side-gig policy. You'll have to drop any other job, be it full-time or part-time, and any freelancing gigs you are doing if you take a position with us. You CAN have your own websites i.e. affiliate/lead gen sites.


  • Fill out the form on this site.

  • Send the following documents to a copy of your resume, at least two contacts of reference (name, work relationship with you, and contact method; we WILL conduct a background check), and the full breakdown of your DISC personality as per (do a new test and send a capture of the final result).

  • Use the following subject line for your email: "Director of Link Building for Get Me Links - I'm [Here goes your name] and I'm an A player"

  • Send a short 1 to 3-minute video explaining WHY are you into SEO, how you plan to kick ass in this role, and what you want to get for your career out of this position.

  • If your profile matches what we're looking for, we will send a test task to assess your skills and see your thought processes. If you are not willing to do a test task, please do not apply.

  • After you submit your test task (you'll have 24h to do so), we'll review it and we'll start conducting interviews with people who pass phase 1. You can expect 1-2 more interviews if you pass the first one.

Only applications filled and submitted properly will be considered. If you don't get a reply to your application, it means you missed something.

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Management and Operations jobs