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Customer Success Manager

About Just Appraised 

We build software that uses natural language processing (NLP) and AI to help local governments work faster, more accurately, and more efficiently. Over 120 local government entities in 25 states rely on us to help drive revenues and provide important services that power society. 

About the role

We are searching for a Customer Success Manager with Enterprise SaaS experience who is capable of developing long-term relationships with our customers, and progressively deepening our engagement with them. The Customer Success Manager sits at the intersection of our customers’ wants and needs, and our increasingly broad set of capabilities, and it is their role to marshall - with empathy, creativity, and a great deal of commercial sensitivity - all the resources they have at their disposal in service of each customer.

This role is full-time and fully remote, reporting to our Head of Customer Success. This position will involve occasional (once every 3-6 months) travel to customer sites and industry conferences.

What you'll do

  • Engage our customers: we ask that our Customer Success Managers eschew the cookie cutter approach, developing trust with our customers by displaying empathy for the particularities of their situation and being a thought partner (instead of a passive order-taker)

  • Advocate for our customers: be the voice of the customer within Just Appraised, ensure that their needs are attended to, surface customer objectives, aspirations, and pain points

  • Deepen relationships: develop relationships with more and more people within each customer, whatever their role: operational, technical, financial, or supervisory

  • Broaden relationships: get to know more people in adjacent branches of local government, or in neighboring communities, cultivating referrals that develop into cross-sell/upsell opportunities

  • Understand the use case: deep product expertise is not needed, but you should be able to speak credibly to the day-to-day use of our product and why it matters to our customers’ workflows

  • Expand your book of business: you will be goaled on your ability to grow your aggregate book of business over time, with a sub-goal for retention


  • Have prior Enterprise SaaS experience (deal sizes >$20K ACV)

  • Are comfortable being held accountable to growth targets for your book of business

  • Can think critically, proactively leading customers towards what we recommend instead of passively taking direction from them

  • Prefer working creatively and autonomously, and can be as hands-on / in the weeds as needed

  • Care about the details, and will leave no stone unturned for your customer’s sake

  • Are patient and empathetic with our customers, some of which are non-technical

  • Enjoy collaborating with Solutions Engineers, Launch PMs, and other technical roles

  • Find it interesting to learn about the functioning of local government in America

Our culture

  • EQ > IQ: We value great minds and the ability to communicate with empathy

  • Customer Comes First: We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and how they use our products

  • Start-to-Finish Ownership: We take responsibility for anything we can influence

  • Actively Practice Inclusion: Creating a diverse and inclusive team is as important to us as building a good product

  • Fast-Paced Environment: The “growth mindset” is key to our success. If it won’t break anything, go for it!

This job is closed
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