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Content Marketing Specialist

About Us

👋 Hey there! We’re team LooseGrip, a digital insights agency, whose clients sell everything from servers to ice cream. And we’ve developed our own SaaS application — Grasp Metrics — in an effort to streamline marketing analytics and rid the world of spreadsheets. 

In short, we like to say we engineer great marketing

In long, that means:

  • We serve as a digital insight agency for tech companies, CPG brands, and everything in between. 

  • For the last 12 years we’ve built social campaigns, kick-ass creative, and marketing insights to help big brands figure out what’s what when it comes to their performance. 

  • Because we saw an unmet need a few years back, we built Grasp Metrics, a marketing analytics platform designed to kill the spreadsheet. 

  • From humble beginnings, Grasp has now spread its wings into a real-world SaaS app that has customers who don’t know LooseGrip exists. 

Do you want your day to be a mix of communications, client, and creative experience? At your core, are you a problem-solver — excited by both the opportunity to find a solution and articulating how you got there? Are you willing to debate the merits of preposition stranding? Then let’s talk.

Why are we looking for you to become a key part of our team?

We’re growing. LooseGrip is busy. Grasp has new demand daily (and more with your help). We need your drive and expertise to handle this incoming demand, onboard new customers, communicate with clients, and build on/improve our processes. Day to day, this means keeping client projects cranking full steam ahead, and developing original content and messaging on both the agency and the software side.  

You have most, if not all, of these skills in your toolkit:

  • You are YOU. We’re not looking for another wheel in the machine. We want to know how your unique background, experiences, and history make you a great fit for our team. 

  • You are an excellent English writer.

  • You’re good with people. They energize you. You love hearing about their challenges and helping solve their problems.

  • You love words (like, really love words). You can come up with 50 different ways to communicate the same message/product.

  • You have superior organizational skills. You enjoy a well-built, neatly organized system where all issues are properly sorted out. Trello boards and Slack automation make you giddy.

  • You have a strong marketing background. Your familiarity with the industry is a definite advantage, as it will enhance your LG client communications and your Grasp product knowledge.

  • You are tech adept. Learning a new platform or technology comes quickly and easily to you. You are comfortable using/building tools and workflows to make life better for colleagues and customers alike. 

Speaking of day-to-day, how would you use your skills in your daily work?

  • You'll need your strong communication skills to ask insightful questions from both the customer and internally from your team members. You’ll also need them to inform customers of issues and progress in a friendly and empathetic manner

  • Your problem-solving abilities will help you stay quick on your toes and provide a customer with a spot-on solution. You are encouraged to unleash your logic, creativity, and lateral thinking to make sure the issue is resolved. 

  • Any technical knowledge and experience you’ve accumulated will come in handy when you dive into our products and start learning how they work 

  • At LooseGrip we value human connection, so we are expecting you to focus on your people-first attitude and quality of communication to make sure we maintain our exceptional level of customer satisfaction

What’s in it for you?

You’ll be joining our team as a full-time contracted (1099) employee:

  • This team. 😍 You will be an integral member of a diverse and talented group of like-minded people, working in a caring environment.

  • Flexibility. 💪This position is fully remote. We want you to work when and where you are most productive.

  • Motivation. 🌟 We’re hard-working and always improving — and find that the desire to get better is contagious.

  • Flexible PTO ✈️

LooseGrip asks respectfully to only apply through the application form and not email/apply to them directly. Recruiters and Agencies please do not contact LooseGrip directly.

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote SEO / Content Marketing jobs