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Project Manager | Fast-Growing Ecommerce Brand | Sleep Industry

Project Manager | Fast-Growing Ecommerce Brand | Sleep Industry

TLDR: We’re seeking an experienced project manager for a fast-growing e-commerce brand in the sleep industry (full-time, fully remote, Europe/Asia timezone)

We’re seeking an experienced project manager who will work with a team of 25+ people. You’ll empower our team and keep everyone accountable, productive, and focused so they can be the best versions of themselves in a fast-paced environment.

This position requires you to be detail-oriented and analytical, while also seeing the big picture so projects can be completed on time and within budget. You’ll be reporting to and helping our Head of Operations to oversee all projects and business operations.

You’ll set an example for the rest of the team with your interpersonal skills, business acumen, and exemplary work ethic.

This role is fully remote but requires you to work in either Europe or Asia time zones. Benefits are outlined in detail below.


Maybe you’re sick of office politics and layers of bureaucracy and crave the support of a team who’s got your back -  without hidden agendas.

Maybe you’re overworked and underappreciated and want to be somewhere that prioritizes both your rest & output, and rewards you based on results rather than hours.

Or, maybe you’re just feeling stuck with your career and are looking for the right environment to excel and get to the next level.

Whatever your reasons, it’s exhausting and demoralizing to push back against a culture that doesn’t fit you.

We get it. We know how you feel.

That’s why we do things differently.


Take a look at the short 2-minute video below. This is who we are as a company and team:

And these are our 7 core values:

If you can relate to what we’re about, this could be an amazing opportunity for you


We’re looking for a dependable, detail-oriented, and organized Project Manager.

We need someone who:

  • Is a self-starter who, when given resources & training, can get things done without hand-holding.

  • Has a natural sense of urgency. When things arise, you’re the first to tackle them.

  • Is naturally detail-oriented and organized. Someone who has their desk and bedroom clean and neat.

  • Loves checklists and is comfortable with project management tools.

  • Thrives in a support role and always has a positive attitude.

  • Is a learner at heart and is always working on self-development.

  • Is effective at verbal and written communication and following up is second nature to you.

  • Has at least 3 years of working experience in operations or project management roles.

  • Is tech-savvy, resourceful, and comfortable with online work

  • Has experience with common eCommerce tools such as Slack, Google Drive, Asana, Shopify, Klaviyo, etc. While you don’t need to be a developer with coding skills, you should be very familiar with common tools and apps used to run an eCommerce business.

You should also have these attributes:

*You have excellent communication skills

Language and communication are the foundation for success in a project management position, where you have to interact with multiple people from different cultural backgrounds.

*You have superb attention to detail

You are someone who pays attention to every little detail – not only in your work but in everything you do. This is a must-have for this position and a fundamental core value at Vansburg / Manta Sleep.

*You can get things done

Training and resources will be provided in your journey, but ultimately you can take on a project and get things DONE. You are resourceful, goal-driven, creative, persistent, and can accomplish objectives without much hand-holding.

*You are very organized

You are highly organized and able to tackle multiple projects at once. You are able to keep track of things under tight schedules and stay in control under pressure.

*You can handle pressure in a fast-paced environment

This position can be demanding, with multiple responsibilities and tight deadlines. We’re looking for someone who can handle the pressure, and manage the stress, without crumbling.

*You are a problem solver

Your focus is to solve problems as the project manager. Not all of your tasks and responsibilities will have clear guidance, so you’ll need to figure out the best way to accomplish the objective.

*You are empathetic & thoughtful

We need someone who has empathy and EQ to be able to adapt to the ways each team member works, not the other way around.

*You are proactive and eager to take on responsibility

In a small business environment, things come up, and problems need to be solved. If you are the kind of person who sits back and thinks “that’s not my responsibility,” then please don’t apply.

*You genuinely care about people

If you are the kind of person that genuinely cares about others, and you give generously of your time and energy in helping others, we’ll be happy to have you around.


You will work directly with the Head of Operations to ensure all teams are running smoothly.

This position requires you to be detail-oriented and analytical, while also seeing the big picture and ensuring that strategies, goals, and projects are implemented on time, and on budget. You’ll be leading by example.

Project Management 

  • Be the point of contact for team members for projects.

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of our ecommerce business.

  • Plan and manage project calendars, schedules, roadmaps.

    • Coordinate product launches.

    • Coordinate sales and holiday campaigns.

    • Coordinate marketing initiatives and other special projects.

  • Prioritize projects and manage the team’s workload.

  • Ensure everyone is “rowing” in the same direction.

  • Track project status, budget and provide concise updates to the Head of Ops.

  • Maintain and develop standard operating procedures with the team.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Provide strategic value and input to the Head of Ops.

  • Be the go-between for the Head of Ops and the rest of the team.

  • Be a key stakeholder for all business functions - ie: product design, logistics & sourcing, visuals, marketing, customer service, etc.

  • Establish and monitor the team’s KPIs.

  • Coach & empower the team to achieve objectives.

  • Facilitate and create harmony and positive relationships between the team members.

  • Ensure the team is healthy, engaged, communicative, and cohesive.

  • Responsible for managing the company’s HR initiatives.

  • The “go-to” person if anything “breaks” during the operations of business.


Vansburg is the parent company of several category-winning consumer product brands, including Manta Sleep.

You can find out more about our brands at: and

Here are the beliefs that drive everything we do:

  • We believe office politics are destructive, small-minded, and evil.

  • We believe in fostering cooperation rather than competition.

  • We believe in open and transparent communication.

  • We believe in showing appreciation and gratitude every day.

  • We believe the best ideas should win - not who the ideas came from.

Who better to describe our work culture than our team members? Here’s what some of them have to say:

“My favorite thing about working at Vansburg is the flexibility it offers. We have control over our projects, our learnings, and our work time, which is truly a blessing. ” - Daisy 

“We are trusted to get our jobs done however we want to with no micromanagement. I believe this kind of autonomy is rooted in trust. Trust in us to get things done, and trust in knowing that we have the right person for the job.” - Lia

“A culture of mutual respect and safety - we're encouraged to share ideas freely and speak up when we have a different POV, and I think that's very healthy.” - Nadia


Role & compensation:

Hours: Full-time

Salary Range: Negotiable

Location: Anywhere / fully remote

You’ll need to work during Europe or Asia time zones, as that’s when our team members are online.


Bonus Program. Paid quarterly to the entire team when we hit our objectives.

Freedom & Control Over Your Schedule. Not built for the 9 to 5? No problem - work when you’re at your best energetically.

Open & Transparent Workplace. Information is shared with everyone, and team members develop the courage to be honest with each other.

Ownership of Your Work & Creativity. Your team lead defines the objective and you figure out how to get there. No micromanagement.

No Office Politics. No Bureaucracy. Office politics are evil. We hate them as much as you do.

Training Resources & Continual Development. Want to take a course to level up? Let us know. Continual learning is a core focus for all team members.

Growth opportunities:

Your career development will be supported in 3 primary ways at Vansburg:

1. Autonomy - your team leader defines the goal, you decide how to get there.

2. Learning - you will be given regular training and support for whatever else you want to learn.

3. Strength - we believe in maximizing your strengths rather than improving your weaknesses, so your role can be adjusted to leverage what you’re naturally good at.


If so, we want to talk to you!

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