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Operations Manager

About Us

We are Proxyrack - a leading growing SaaS company that provides businesses with APIs to collect data online through a large residential and datacenter proxy network. 

Our company is entirely remote and asynchronous meaning every team member is located in a different country and we collaborate entirely over Slack and email. We’re primarily results-focused and have very few meetings.  

Our Core Values: 

  1. Own your role: to be successful, take the foundations given to you and make the role yours. Come up with your own ideas and projects and drive them forward. 

  2. Speak your mind: We hire people in their area because we respect and want to hear their opinions. Feedback flows freely and openly in all directions. 

  3. Accuracy over speed: Things aren’t rushed, it is better to spend time properly thinking through and analyzing projects than hurrying them. Get advice, collaborate, and do the best job possible. 

  4. Try stuff: You can try things and make mistakes and that’s fine as long as you use this to keep improving. 

About the Role

We are seeking a dynamic and experienced Operations Manager to join our team. The successful candidate will manage team members responsible for their KPIs, define and scope KPIs, hire for key roles, drive projects forward, and ensure alignment with business objectives. This role requires strong leadership skills, strategic thinking, and the ability to drive operational efficiency. Because this is a new role, you will have the opportunity to help shape it. 

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Team Management

    • Oversee and manage a team of professionals, ensuring they meet their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 

    • Provide support, guidance, and resources to team members to help them achieve their goals. 

    • Conduct regular performance reviews and provide constructive feedback.

  2. KPI Definition and Management

    • Collaborate with team leaders to define clear and measurable KPIs for each role. 

    • Monitor and analyze KPI data to ensure targets are being met. 

    • Implement strategies to improve performance and address any issues impacting KPI achievement. 

  3. Hiring and Talent Management

    • Identify staffing needs and participate in the hiring process to fill critical roles. 

    • Develop job descriptions, conduct interviews, and onboard new team members. 

    • Foster a positive work environment that promotes growth and development. 

  4. Project Scoping and Management

    • Scope out projects in alignment with business objectives and ensure they are clearly defined and well-planned.

    • Coordinate with cross-functional teams to drive projects forward, ensuring timely and successful completion. 

    • Monitor project progress and make adjustments as necessary to meet deadlines and deliverables. 

  5. Strategic Planning and Execution

    • Understand and align with the company’s business objectives to drive strategic initiatives. 

    • Analyse current operational processes and workflows and implement effective changes to enhance efficiency and productivity.

    • Work closely with senior leadership to align operations with overall business goals. 

  6. Problem Solving and Decision Making

    • Identify operational challenges and develop effective solutions. 

    • Make informed decisions to optimize processes and improve operational performance. 

    • Ensure compliance with company policies and industry regulations.


  • Native written and verbal English

  • 3+ years of leadership experience (preferably for a SaaS company)

Nice to Have:

  • Technical mindset  

  • Great at pushing things forward

  • Results-focused personality—flexible as you’ll be managing people around the globe 


  • This is a full-time, long-term independent contractor position (1099) 

  • 2 weeks PTO

  • 10 Sick days

  • 12 holidays off in your country 

  • The right person will have the opportunity to grow in leadership as we continue to grow 

Proxyrack asks respectfully to only apply through the application form and not email/apply to them directly. Recruiters and Agencies please do not contact them directly.

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