Lead Editor for YouTube Scripts

Lead Editor Needed for Youtube Scripts

Does creating a highly efficient video script creation system that can output the highest quality videos excite you?

If you answered YES to that question, you are probably the exact kind of weirdo who would excel in our fancy new Script Manager position.
Do you also have a strong background in copywriting and/or creating video scripts (ideally both)?

Yes? You are two for two so far!

And if you also consider yourself a quick learner and you savor the challenge of learning the ins and outs of a new niche within days then…

…We have the perfect role for you.

What’s in it for you?

  • Well money, obviously. Flexible, hourly, remote work. ✔

  • You’ll learn cutting edge YouTube content production skills. ✔

  • Ability to showcase your productivity, proactivity, and creativity. ✔

  • Direct work with three friendly, focused, and successful co-founders. ✔

  • Access to all courses that we have purchased as a company. ✔

Sound good? Well, then here are the deets…


Your Mission: Manage and improve an effective video script creation system that consistently delivers high quality written scripts (12-16 a month) for YouTube videos on a variety of channels.


Role: Quickly educate yourself on a niche (its opportunities, ICP and pain points), identify and hire Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for product testing, hire script writers, and delivers scripts to Video Manager while adhering to our quality standards and timelines, constantly improving our script quality and conversion copy to be the best on Youtube.

Outcome: Manage and continuously improve our script production process, where you:

  1. Evaluate and hire SMEs, script writers and copywriters for our niches 

  2. Work with the Niche Researcher and Video Manager to meet content schedule and deadlines

  3. Deliver high quality content that meets our quality requirements.

  4. Track spending, pay writers, and manage budgets

Scorecard Key Metrics:

  • Number of scripts produced per week ( 12-16 per month)

  • Average script quality and search intent score of >90%

  • Quarterly improvement in script quality (>10% improvement every quarter)

    • Consistent plans/tests run to improve script quality 

    • Monthly reports on opportunities for video quality improvement

Ideal Candidate Characteristics:

  1. Fast learner: Ability to bring yourself up to speed quickly on new niches, identify opportunities, ICPs and unique pain points (could be for the keyword or where other creators are falling short)

  2. Good at hiring: Ability to screen and hire SMEs that can test the products comprehensively

  3. Ability to manage a team of script writers that can take the niche and SME research and turn it into best-in-class scripts (authenticity, engagement and conversion)

  4. Can manage content: Ability to map out content space, plan content in advance and deliver the finished script independently and on time

  5. Copywriting chops: You don’t need to be Dan Kennedy (he’s too expensive for us) but you should be able to write copy

  6. Highly organized: You’ll plan, organize, schedule, delegate and budget in an efficient, productive manner.

  7. Attentive to detail:  Ensure all content matches our writing standards & provides utmost value to the viewer

  8. High standards:  Expects personal performance and writer performance to be nothing short of the best.

  9. Proactive: Act without being told what to do. Bring new ideas to the table.

This is what success in the role will look like…

  • 30 Day Deliverable:

    • Become a relative expert on a new niche within 7 days

      • Be able to identify the target ICP, pain points, and brands in the space

    • Hire 1-2 SMEs and compile testing and/or research data on the niche 

    • Hire 1-2 script writers (and perhaps a copywriter) that can use the research and write 4 best-in-class high-converting video scripts that have an average quality & search intent score of >85%

    • Work with the Niche Researcher, Video Manager to publish the 4 videos within 30 days 

  • 90 Day Deliverable:

    • Build a team of SMEs, script writers and/or copywriters that can produce 12-16 video scripts per month that have an average quality score of >90%

    • Work with the Niche Researcher & Video Manager to publish the 12-16 video scripts every month

    • Improve the quality of our scripts by >10% every quarter

Next Steps: Hey, look at you - you made it to the bottom of the page without opening TikTok! 

Well, you made it this far, so there just might be a chance that you’d be fit for this position.

Or else you might just be really bored, in which case, sorry. I don’t have anything entertaining to write now.

For those who are interested in taking the next step, please do the following:

  • Fill out the application form below.

  • When asked how many legs a duck has, please answer “6”.

Don't let this one get away.