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Founding Account Executive

Are you looking for a role that allows you autonomy, the chance to directly contribute and grow, and the flexibility to work from anywhere? 

It’s time to plan your next move and join a small, proven team with a great product. 

Hi! I'm Ruben Gamez, the founder of SignWell, an electronic signature web application used and loved by thousands of businesses. 

We’re looking for a Founding Account Executive with a track record of successfully selling directly to startups, SMBs, and the mid-market. 

Why You Should Apply 

Many companies mention why you should apply, but I think this is a unique opportunity. Here's why… 

You'll be part of a team that: 

  • Is quickly growing a product that customers love, in a large market, just as momentum is building. 

  • Gives you the opportunity to build your own processes and with autonomy to accomplish great things. 

  • Is focused on real and sustainable growth through profitability without relying on VC funding (no need to worry about sudden layoffs or running out of funding). 

  • Is completely transparent about how we operate and the health of the business. 

  • Is constantly learning and experimenting with product and growth methods used by world-class people. 

Basically, this is an opportunity where you’ll work with a great team to build the sales function and directly contribute to the success of the business. In the process, you'll develop valuable skills that will be useful throughout your entire career. 

You'll be working directly with the founder, so there won’t be several layers of management to deal with.

The Job 

This position is focused on hunting and establishing relationships with companies that would benefit from using our e-sign software in their workflows (through API or by people in their organization). 

This position is full-time, with the majority of our team working within the North and South American time zones. 

One of the keys to success in this position: You need to have the discipline to work independently and understand the industry or have the drive to want to learn the business. 

You will sell to existing leads (~20% of your time) while seeking out and approaching new customers by offering our product as a solution to improve their business. 

This position requires a minimum of two years of experience managing different types of sales cycles. 

If you love helping startups and businesses succeed and have a track record of success in sales, you should apply. 

Candidate requirements: 

  • 2-5 years of work experience in an SMB or mid-market role where you hunted, managed, and closed a new book of business every month while ranking in the top ten percent of all your peers. 

  • Experience and genuine enthusiasm for working in a startup environment are required.

  • You have the ability to adapt, wear many hats, and figure things out.

  • Proven ability to effectively work remotely and excel in a remote work setting. 

  • You consistently demonstrate excellence in your work, being dependable, hard-working, focused, determined, and accountable. 

  • You are both collaborative and competitive, with strong negotiation, conflict resolution, and account management skills. 

  • You have a strong drive to win and excel in sales, consistently setting and striving to surpass your personal records. 

  • You are comfortable making a minimum of 70 outbound calls, following up on leads, sending 30-50 prospect emails and follow-ups, and scheduling and closing 3-4 demos per day on a daily basis.


  • Competitive Salary + Commission (No Cap) + Equity

  • Medical Insurance - Large Company Contribution

  • Always Remote (even after the pandemic) 

  • Audible or Similar Educational Subscription

  • Flexible PTO and Holidays 

How to Apply 

If this sounds like you, great! Click the 'Apply Now' button.

SignWell asks respectfully to only apply through the application form and not email/apply to them directly. Recruiters and Agencies please do not contact SignWell directly.

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Business Development / Sales jobs