Digital Marketing Agency COO

Digital Marketing Agency COO & Co-Founder

Join The Marketing Mules for the opportunity to help start a digital marketing agency from scratch. The founder, Chisam Reiter, grew his U.S.-based home services business 5x in 3 years through effective, in-house digital marketing. The Marketing Mules is well-funded and has the strategy, tactics, and resources to grow rapidly in providing SEO & PPC digital marketing services.

The COO & Co-Founder will be responsible for creating standard operating procedures, hiring and managing team members, and selling prospective customers. Chisam will provide ample direction and resources for success, but execution will fall on the COO to drive the business forward.

Compensation will begin at an hourly rate, but as clients are won and the business grows, commission and / or incentive pay will be implemented. This opportunity is perfect for someone with years of experience working at digital marketing agencies that is ready to pursue a more entrepreneurial role with upside linked to the candidate’s direct impact on creating value.

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