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About Our Company:

We are an innovative SaaS startup that provides swept path analysis for vehicles, catering to a niche yet essential market. Our cutting-edge software solutions are designed to optimize vehicle movement planning by taking customer inputs on the specific dimensions of their vehicle or vehicle combination and accurately plotting that on satellite imagery of the location they want to go and allowing them to execute maneuvers at that location. This serves to enhance safety and efficiency in various industries. There is tremendous opportunity in the initial target market for this product, as there is nothing else currently like it in the market.  The backend and technology behind the software have all been built, and a full time developer is in place.  We're looking for a CEO/Co-Founder to launch and grow the business.

Key Responsibilities:

  • B2B Sales and Growth: Drive the company's revenue growth through effective B2B sales strategies. Develop and maintain sales distribution channels, foster strong relationships with key clients, ensuring high customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships.

  • Leadership and Team Management: Lead, motivate, and manage a team, including initially, a full-time software developer. Foster a positive, productive work environment and culture.

  • Strategic Planning: Develop and execute strategic business plans. Conduct thorough market analysis to identify opportunities and threats, and steer the company towards long-term success.

  • Operational Excellence: Oversee daily operations, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness. Implement process optimizations and manage resources judiciously.

  • Communication: Maintain clear and effective communication with the team, clients, and partners. Represent the company in various settings, articulating our vision and value proposition.

  • Adaptability: Navigate the company through the dynamic startup landscape, adapting strategies as necessary and maintaining resilience in the face of challenges.

  • Problem-Solving: Quickly identify problems and devise effective solutions, ensuring the company overcomes obstacles efficiently.

  • Risk Management: Comfortably handle high-risk scenarios and make decisions under uncertainty, guiding the company through potential challenges.


  • Proven track record in B2B sales, particularly in outbound sales and customer relationship management.

  • Demonstrated leadership skills with experience in various environments.

  • Strong strategic thinking, with a background in business planning and strategy execution.

  • Operational management skills, with a focus on process optimization.

  • Exceptional communication skills, both internally and externally.

  • Adaptability and resilience, with a capacity to thrive in a startup environment.

  • Effective problem-solving skills.

  • Comfort with high-risk, unpredictable situations.

  • Technical background in software development/engineering is preferred. Experience in the RV or outdoor industry is a plus.

  • Hard-driving, self-motivated, and self-starting personality.

  • The financial stability to withstand a 3-6 month income hiatus for the potential of substantial future earnings.


No salary.  Strong 80% profit sharing up to $120k, then option for up to 30% equity, subject to performance conditions. Equity details to be discussed during the interview process. The equity offered holds the greatest potential for income, especially as the company achieves its growth targets. This is a big time opportunity for the right person who is hungry, has confidence in their abilities, and can deliver results.

First-Year Target:

Achieve minimum user base of 4,000 end users for the product.

Additional Benefits:

  • Mentorship from an experienced entrepreneur.

  • Flexible work arrangements and autonomy.

  • Opportunities for rapid skill development and career advancement.

  • Creative freedom in shaping company strategy and culture.

  • Significant impact on the company's direction and success.

  • Potential for substantial long-term financial rewards.

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