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This job is closed. But you can apply to other open Admin / Virtual Assistant jobs.

Executive Assistant

About the role

Calling all former and current Executive Assistants! This is not your average job application.

We’re building Maestro — the world’s first calendar designed just for EAs and admins — and we’re on a mission to empower 1 million admins worldwide.

To accomplish this, we’re assembling a small team of world-class executive and virtual assistants who are unreasonably passionate about helping other admins out.

This is an open application, which means we'll create a role for the right candidate. You can even suggest a role to us that doesn’t exist yet.

We’re open to full-time, part-time, remote, or in-person (NYC).

Ways we could work together:

  • Executive Assistant role

  • Community Manager role

  • Join the Maestro Referral Program

    • Earn 30% of revenue for the first year for each Maestro user you refer to us. That’s ~$270/year per user

  • Suggest a role

Salary range: $80K-$150K (full-time) or $40-$75/hour (part-time)

How to Apply

Fill out this form (5 minutes)

You will:

  • Organize in-person events and help manage a community of awesome EAs

  • Have creative freedom for innovative campaigns to grow our user base of EAs

  • Directly influence what features we develop as you’re on the frontline with our users

  • Frequently reach out to and have calls with EAs to tell them about Maestro

You will NOT:

  • Schedule on behalf of anyone (Vimcal & Maestro are so good we can do that ourselves 😃)

  • Organize other people’s emails

  • Be thrown work to complete haphazardly

You may be a good fit if you:

  • Love trading tips with and helping fellow EAs

  • Are warm, high-energy, and could talk to people all day

  • Are active in in-person or online admin communities

  • Obsess over your own productivity and always hunting for the best tools and tactics

  • Are a go-getter, self-motivated, and leave no stones unturned

Why join us

  • Work at a company that cherishes admins

  • Single-handedly shape our go-to-market strategies with EAs from the ground up

  • Work directly with the CEO and founding team on the company’s #1 priority

  • Opportunity for rapid career growth and advancement as the company expands

  • Competitive salary and benefits package

What is Maestro?

In 2023, we launched our second product — Maestro — the first calendar designed specifically for Executive Assistants.

View product demo

As a layer on top of Google and Outlook Calendar, it allows you to do everything in those apps plus much more:

  • Poll large groups to find the best meeting time

  • Auto-create and auto-delete holds

  • Instant time zone conversion (no more mental math 🙂)

  • Drag and copy availability (see GIF above)

  • Sandboxed accounts for each exec with their own time zones, meeting title templates, etc. (perfect for picky execs)

  • Auto-color coding/tagging/categorizing of events

  • Calendar audits and metrics

  • Seamless hand-off to a fellow admin when you go on PTO

Maestro is loved by EAs at BCG, Zapier, and Dropbox, who are saving over an hour a day to focus on higher priorities.

If you’re interested in learning more, book a free onboarding call with us here! We’re more than happy to set you up and answer any questions.

Why did we build Maestro?

While building our flagship product (Vimcal), we talked to hundreds of executive and virtual assistants over a span of 4 years.

As a result, we've come to have the utmost respect for EAs as they’re the backbones of their companies. We also learned that booking meetings for multiple executives every day means complex scheduling, time zone nightmares, and the highest of stakes. No mistakes are allowed.

Outlook was created in 1997, and Google Calendar in 2006. You deserve a specialized tool that’s not leftover from the stone ages.

We're here to help. ❤️

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Admin / Virtual Assistant jobs