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Head of Demand Gen at Warmly

If you’re reading this, it means you’re at least playing with the idea of ditching your current gig and leveling-up. Look no further, we have a challenge for you…

About Warmly:

Warmly is changing the way B2B companies leverage high intent and chat when it comes to their inbound and outbound sales motion. We are a Series A company with Series C processes and technology stack. There is no red tape here. We expect every Warmite to come in and break things in hopes to make them better and ready for scale. New ideas that are data-backed and gut-driven are what make us thrive here.

About the role:

As the Demand Generation leader, you’ll be driving demand for 5 closers and 7 SDRs. You will be measured on top of funnel performance and on revenue closed-won. This role reports to the CEO.

We are looking for a tech-savvy, metrics-driven and demand-generating master. You will coordinate cross-functionally with Marketing, Sales and Operations. You are comfortable with going outside your comfort zone, love challenges and enjoy attending conferences.

Primary Duties

  • Drive demand through various channels including LinkedIn, SEO, Social, Advertisements, Tiktok, Events and Sponsorships

  • You will help drive our Podcast engagement and draw in top voices

  • You will run our email marketing efforts and drive leads to the website

  • You will help optimize our chatflows in Warmly

  • You will scope out and create a list of events the leadership team and sales will attend

  • Manage our outbound email domains and create new domains as needed


  • 1-7 years Demand Generation or growth experience in SaaS

  • A high level of HubSpot experience is required

  • Knowledge of company offerings and industry trends

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Strong time management and prospecting skills

The Tech you’ll be working with and manage:


  • Warmly

  • HubSpot CRM & Marketing Automation

  • Default (Inbound Funnel)

  • Salesflow (LinkedIn Messaging)

  • Sendspark

  • Spekit

  • Seamless

  • Apollo

  • Allegrow


This role will be paid at $135,000 - $145,000 per year. The Salary range is $105,000 - $115,000 with the annual commission being $25,000 - $30,000 per year.

Great benefits! At Warmly, you’ll be eligible for benefits such as: medical, dental, and vision insurance, Unlimited PTO, company holidays, parental leave, 401k, home workstation benefit and equity.

We think Warmly’s a pretty great place to work. But don’t just take it from us, listen to what our amazing SDR Team has to say!


I'm an SDR at Warmly...

Of course, I know what you're doing on our website, even when you ignore my chat 😭

Of course, I know your name, company, email, and LinkedIn 😼

And of course, you'll get an email or LI msg right after you visit, because we're all about automation!


Last month I had an 85% conversion rate from Demo Held to Qualified.


Most of my meetings came from Warmly, 👀

The prospects were already visiting our website and engaging, making it easier for me to book them.

I think every sales team would benefit from a tool like this one 😊


Last Monday, on Warmly,'s AI chat, I scheduled 5 meetings.

Yes, not one but 5!!! 🤩

All of them turned out to be qualified, and all of those people actually came to our website through my cold emails, so I caught them while browsing the site.

Ah, the power of ✨ intent data ✨

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