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Sales Representative & Account Manager

About the company

We're one of the fastest-growing link-building agencies, already in the multi-seven-figure size with close to 40 people on the team.  

About the role

This is a hybrid role between front-end sales and customer success/account management.  You'll be taking calls with clients in the US and UK primarily (US times preferred), understanding their unique situation with SEO, putting together plans and strategies for link-building success (all training provided, you just need to know the basics of SEO), closing the sale, and from there taking it over to keeping the client happy, gathering testimonials, getting referrals, reporting, ensuring clients re-order, etc.

You'll be in principle handling inbound leads, and once you're comfortable there, you'll do outbound as well (for as long as there is bandwidth) to continuously increase your pipeline and commissions. 

About you


  • Personal freedom: The job is fully remote, and you'll be able to adjust the day for yourself as needed for as long as you're not fully booked with sales consults (in which case you'll be racking in crazy commissions anyway, so it's all compensated!)

  • Recognition: We strive for a company culture where competence and team play are greatly appreciated.

  • Structure: While a young and flexible company, we have a defined work structure and systems to complement them. You'll find an environment that supports your growth


  • Fluent spoken and written English is absolutely required. Any other languages are valued.

  • 3+ years of previous experience as a sales representative or account manager in a high-order volume service business or similar type of business absolutely required.

  • 1 year+ experience in an SEO agency (any role)

  • Solid SEO understanding is required.

  • Proficiency in Excel/Google Sheets is absolutely required.

  • Unquestionable work ethic. You don't do “your best”. You do what's required.

What's in it for you?


  • $1000-2000 USD per month as a starting salary depending on experience.

  • Up to 20% in commissions per sale. The average sale is $1k.

  • Trailing commissions in perpetuity for the accounts you close.

  • Performance-based bonuses.

  • Paid time off (national holidays + Christmas to New Year week + 2 weeks per year)

  • Candidates available to work during US times will be favored, as this role involves direct calls with US and UK accounts


We have a strict no-side-gig policy. You'll have to drop any other job, be it full-time or part-time and any freelancing gigs you are doing if you take a position with us. 

How to apply?

Apply on this site by submitting the following docs below:

  1. Send the following documents: a copy of your resume, to

    • Please ensure you start your message with “Hello Bronwyn” who is our director of operations.

  2. If your profile matches what we're looking for we'll start conducting interviews. You can expect 1-2 more interviews if you pass the first 5-10 minute one.

Only applications filled and submitted properly will be considered. If you don't get a reply to your application, it means you missed something.

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