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Part-Time Sales/Business Development Intern

Kona - the AI-powered internal leadership coach for remote companies.

Our founding team bonded over prior bad experiences with remote work. We knew work could be better, healthier, and happier.

So we turned to experts. We've interviewed 1500+ leaders since January 2020.

Their pain was loud and clear. Managing a remote team is hard. It’s difficult to be a great leader, and managers are the most overworked and under-resourced members of an org. They need support.

We built 🐶 Kona to help remote managers be great leaders without changing how they work. Kona empowers leaders to manage their teams with the right balance of empathy and accountability.

To us, empathy and great leadership at work aren't just an add-on. They're a must-have.

Kona is an AI-powered personal leadership coach for every remote manager. It integrates with your company’s internal content, performance review platform, calendar, and more to operate as each manager’s personal management copilot. It helps managers prepare for 1:1s, develop and grow their team, give effective feedback, build engagement, and drive long-term success – all without needing to leave Slack.

We're making every manager a great leader.

We’re Techstars alums, and raised $5.2M from Unusual VC, Kleiner Perkins, Zillow founder Spencer Rascoff, Amazon exec Jeff Wilke, The Fund, and more.

Our customers are the most culture-focused, people-first companies in the world. Check out our case studies for more on how Kona helps remote managers lead their teams effectively.

We’re hiring a part-time Sales/Business Development Intern!

This is a part-time (15-20 hours/week), fully-remote position. Pay is $25/hour. If you’re interested in sales, business development, and tech, this is the position for you.

You’ll get a ton of learning, ownership over the early parts of our sales pipeline, and a driver’s seat in our journey :)

Tools we use (you don't need to know them)

Google Sheets, Notion, Slack, Hubspot, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Seamless.AI


  • Working with our founders to drive our sales pipeline forward

  • Committing two hours every morning to daily outreach activities on LinkedIn and Email

  • Refining strategies and copy to get our quota of weekly first calls booked on the calendar

  • Identifying, researching, and qualifying prospects that would be a great fit to use Kona

  • Compiling spreadsheets of qualified leads for outreach

We’re looking for someone who’s**:**

  • Extremely detail-oriented and thorough

  • Fast-learner, coachable, and great at receiving feedback

  • Comfortable working remotely and having full ownership over their tasks

  • Transparent and great at communicating blockers, new ideas, or questions

  • Interested in working in tech, SaaS sales, or business development

  • Very comfortable with Excel or Google Sheets

  • Bonus: Experienced with B2B cold outreach - potential clients, email etc.

We believe...

  • Flexible work is the best way to drive long-term company success

  • Strong teams are built on relationships and soft skills, not just hard skills

  • Diversity is our superpower - we strive to maintain a diverse team and inclusive work environment

Our values

Transparency & Trust

We always default to transparency, everyone has visibility into every aspect of the business. You’ll have the reins on your role — we value independence and avoid micromanaging. Trust does not have to be earned.

People > Customers > Company

Kona is only as strong as the team is, and meaningless without the overall wellbeing of everyone. We prioritize authenticity and showing up as your whole self. And it’s okay to not be okay — we see vulnerability as a strength.

Intellectual Honesty

When in doubt, restart with the basics. We avoid buzzwords and ensure we don’t get carried away in Silicon Valley hype. True psychological safety means everyone is comfortable with healthy debate, pushback, and sharing diverse perspectives.

Optimize for Learning

We know that growth comes from making good mistakes. We’re relentlessly curious—we celebrate learnings over outcomes and welcome failure as a team. We always experiment, avoid excessive perfectionism, and keep it simple, stupid.

Why you should join

  • You get to develop managers and inspire great leaders around the world

  • You'll get to experience the ups and downs of a high-growth, high-learning, rapidly changing startup environment

  • You get to work with a smart, dedicated, humble team with diverse backgrounds and viewpoints and a learner’s mindset

  • We’re a trust-by-default culture - you’ll get ownership over our product and brand

  • We believe in sustainable and flexible work

  • We’re fully-remote, and we actually know how to do it right - because it’s our job

  • You get to hear Sid’s British accent and meet the dogs on our team :)

  • If you have other questions, please email!

This job is closed
But you can apply to other open Remote Business Development / Sales jobs