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Ghostwriter and Content Project Manager

Hi there,

My name is Travis and I’m a serial entrepreneur (addict) turned investor. I’m the founder of a bunch of different companies, and I partner/invest in a bunch of others.

About the Role

I’m looking for a Ghostwriter and Content Project Manager to partner with me to expand the amount of quality content I put out into the world.

Frequently I have plenty of things on my mind, but the process of writing, formatting, and getting it posted/emailed presents too large of a time-hurdle for me to do on a consistent cadence.

I’m looking for someone to join me to solve that problem.

I’m not looking for just some generic ghostwriter, I’m looking for someone to help get what is in my head onto the web at scale and to project manage and streamline all of my content projects and podcasts.

The platforms that I'm most interested in focusing on are my personal newsletter, Twitter, Linkedin, and a small simple podcast. Possibly others later, but for now they are not the focus.

You can see some of my past newsletters & style of writing here:

Why am I doing this?

To more frequently connect with my current network, and to build a larger following with these goals:

  1. Increase exposure to my companies:

  2. Building relationships with interesting people (without a goal, just enjoyment of interesting people)

Key Tasks

  • I’m looking for “ghostwriting” based on my ideas. The standard way that I’m aware of involves us having a recorded video call once per week. We chat about things on my mind, and then you hit me with loads of questions. Our talks and the questions lead to the newly created content. Being good at interviewing and asking good questions is key. 

  • It will be important for you to be extra curious. Going through content/podcasts/interviews that I’ve done before will be important. Find things that you’d like to know more about and ask. Look at my companies and ask good questions about that. If you want to know something, other people probably do as well. Get my opinions on events in the world where I might have a relevant and knowledgeable opinion. I’m very open to other formats, so I’d love a proactive person here.

  • Take the content from our talks or messages and turn them into publishable content. 

Platform-Specific Details

  1. My personal newsletter: Helping craft and publish my weekly personal newsletter. This will be formatted as things that I found interesting this week. Possibly sharing articles/books with a summary or teaser, or things that I’m seeing or thinking about in the world put into a short digest. 

  2. Twitter and Linkedin: This will be the content from our interviews. Mostly written, but I would like a few of the snippets to be in video form (worry not, there are low-cost services that can handle the video. You just have to manage it). You will be expected to learn to optimize for each platform's algorithm.

  3. Podcast: I’m not expecting you to be able to edit & produce the podcast (there are cost-efficient services for this), simply to quarterback the projects. Make it easy for me so that I just have to hop on a call and press record and you make sure that the rest happens automatically. Provide research on our topic/guest, organize schedules, and work with production service to edit and post.

Content Topic Ideas

There is an idea that I really like. It’s called “The Joe Rogan Razor

Joe Rogan has now done 5,835 hours of his podcast.

Most of favorite content creators and artists all follow the same principle:

Create what you would consume.

If you try to do gimmicky things to grow the audience, you'll get burnt out and resent it.

You want to create things that you can do for 5,853 hours and still find it interesting.

THAT is the type of content I’m after.

My content topics:

  • So, to start with, I “write for me”. I want the content to be created that I find interesting, as I believe the best relevant results will come from this. 

  • All aspects of investing & finance that are within my circle of competence

  • Entrepreneurship (but not newbie-focused stuff)

  • SEO

  • Wisdom-seeking

  • Life hacks 


  • Native-level English speaker.

  • Excellent writer. With good use of humor, and a casual down-to-earth tone (you must mimic my oddball tone).

  • Some experience in the topics of finance, investing, entrepreneurship, and ideally SEO. A tall order I know.

Travis asks respectfully to only apply through the application form and not email/apply to them directly. Recruiters and Agencies please do not contact Travis directly.

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