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ClinicSense's Recruitment Success with Remote First Recruiting

ClinicSense's Recruitment Success with Remote First Recruiting - Remote Resources - Dynamite Jobs

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Company Overview:

Name: ClinicSense

Year Founded: 2012

Number of Customers: 7,500+

Number of employees hired by Remote First Recruiting: 3

Number of Employees: 14

Challenge: Scaling the team efficiently and freeing up founders' time from recruitment tasks

The Challenge: ClinicSense, a remote SaaS startup, faced challenges in scaling their team while juggling the demands of running a growing business. Despite previous hiring efforts through their network, they encountered limitations due to a small candidate pool and time-consuming recruitment processes. The founder, Daniel Ruscigno, recognized the need for external assistance to manage the initial recruitment stages and expand their talent pool. 

Discovering Remote First Recruiting: The referral from a friend and member of the Dynamite Circle led Daniel to Remote First Recruiting (RFR). Impressed by RFR's reputation, ClinicSense decided to partner with them to streamline their hiring process and focus on business growth.

Impact of Remote First Recruiting: RFR played a pivotal role in transforming ClinicSense's recruitment strategy. By taking ownership of candidate sourcing and initial screening, RFR significantly expedited the hiring process. This allowed ClinicSense to access a wider pool of top-tier candidates, resulting in the successful hiring of four new team members across development and operations roles. The time saved on recruitment tasks enabled ClinicSense's founders to concentrate on strategic aspects of business expansion.

Integration with ClinicSense's Strategy: RFR's recruiting services seamlessly aligned with ClinicSense's goals of building and maintaining a strong team. When in need of additional recruitment support for key hires, ClinicSense trusted RFR to deliver qualified candidates efficiently, enabling them to scale their team with confidence.

Overall Experience and Recommendation: ClinicSense has hired 3 of their remote full-time employees through their partnership with RFR, from customer success, developers to marketing. Daniel rates their experience with RFR as a perfect 10/10. The recruiting team's assistance in adding top-tier talent to ClinicSense's team has been invaluable. They highly recommend Remote First Recruiting to other companies embarking on team building journeys from scratch, emphasizing the time-saving benefits and the quality of hires achieved through the partnership.

ClinicSense's partnership with Remote First Recruiting exemplifies the positive impact of remote-first recruitment strategies in streamlining hiring processes and facilitating business growth for startups and small businesses alike.

“Remote First Recruiting has helped me add several A-players to our team. I’d certainly recommend partnerhing with them when building a team - it’ll allow you to focus your time on growing the business and lead to better hires.” - Daniel Ruscigno

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