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How Remote First Recruiting Re-Energized SessionLab's Hiring Process

How Remote First Recruiting Re-Energized SessionLab's Hiring Process - Remote Resources - Dynamite Jobs

This blog has been originally published on the Remote First Recruiting site

Company Overview:

  • Name: SessionLab
  • Year Founded: 2013
  • Number of employees hired by Remote First Recruiting: 4
  • Number of Employees: 13
  • Challenge: Building a quality team with limited founder network, particularly in technical roles like engineering and product management.

The Challenge: As a first-time founder of SessionLab, a startup focused on collaborative session planning, recruitment posed significant challenges for its founders, Robert Cserti and Filip Kis. With a relatively small network, sourcing and hiring qualified candidates, especially for technical roles, became a time-consuming ordeal. Robert recounts spending 80+ hours per hiring round, with a significant portion dedicated to posting job ads, managing applications, and screening candidates. This exhaustive process not only consumed time but also diverted focus from more critical aspects of growing the business.

Discovering Remote First Recruiting: Seeking a solution to streamline the hiring process, Robert and Filip explored external recruitment partners. Among them, Remote First Recruiting stood out for its personalized approach and understanding of SessionLab's needs. The initial interaction with Greg, Head of Recruitment here at Remote First Recruiting, resonated with Robert and Filip, as he conveyed a genuine comprehension of SessionLab's requirements, rather than a mere push of available candidates.

Partnering with Remote First Recruiting: Choosing to collaborate with Remote First Recruiting proved transformative for SessionLab. By outsourcing the initial candidate sourcing and screening, the founders regained valuable time and mental energy, allowing a renewed focus on critical business operations. The streamlined process not only expedited hiring but also ensured access to top-tier candidates, particularly for technical roles like developers and product managers.

Results and Recommendations: Remote First Recruiting has since helped SessionLab hire 4 of its full-time, remote employees from software engineers, and product managers, to customer support. Reflecting on the experience, SessionLab rates the partnership with Remote First Recruiting highly and unequivocally recommends its services to other startups and founders. The efficiency gained through outsourcing recruitment and screening tasks significantly benefited SessionLab, both in terms of time saved and the quality of candidates secured. Beyond mere recruitment, Remote First Recruiting provided invaluable consulting support, aiding in shaping job requirements and even assisting in candidate negotiations.

Conclusion: SessionLab's success story exemplifies the transformative impact of Remote First Recruiting on startup hiring processes. By alleviating the burden of recruitment, founders like Robert and Filip can redirect their time and energy towards strategic endeavors, accelerating business growth and fostering a dynamic team culture. As startups continue to navigate the challenges of talent acquisition, Remote First Recruiting emerges as a trusted ally, delivering exceptional value and expertise to drive success in the remote-first landscape.

“I think as a founder, working in a small team, Remote First Recruiting’s service is an excellent value for the money. And it’s not only about the recruiting and screening, but I greatly valued their consulting help in helping us shaping our job requirements, and also to close one of our candidates - just being genuinely useful as a hiring partner.” - Robert Cserti, Founder of SessionLab

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