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How Remote First Recruiting helped American Exchange Group Expand their Global Team

How Remote First Recruiting helped American Exchange Group Expand their Global Team - Remote Resources - Dynamite Jobs

This blog has been originally published on the Remote First Recruiting site

Company Background

  • American Exchange Group
  • Number of employees hired by Remote First Recruiting: 15+
  • Global Workforce: 500+
  • Founded in 2008
  • Industry: Wholesale, Global Distribution, E-commerce

About American Exchange Group (AXNY):

  • AXNY is a dynamic force in global business solutions. They’re renowned for their innovative approach and specialize in licensed brand collaborations, private label designs, and global distribution.

Companies and Brands within AXNY's Portfolio:

  • AXNY boasts an impressive portfolio of successful ventures, including 30+  prominent fashion and accessory brands. They’ve partnered with Remote First recruiting to hire for Aerosoles, Giant Propeller, and AXNY itself.

Challenges in Global Team Building:

  • AXNY has been growing aggressively over the last couple of years and their rapid global expansion came with its own challenges. They were facing two in particular, specifically with their marketing department. The first was ensuring they had their ear to the ground as they expanded sales into new territories. Different locations require you to fine-tune and adjust your marketing to be more culturally relevant to align with local cultures and beliefs. The second was the need to create a larger marketing team to handle the increased workload through their acquisition strategy which was more efficient against the bottom line. 

Strategic Solutions and AXNY’s Partnership with Remote First Recruiting:

  • Collaborated with RFR for effective and targeted recruitment, leveraging their robust pipeline in the LATAM market.
  • Utilized Remote First Recruiting’s approach to swiftly source candidates, ensuring a tailored fit for AXNY's unique needs.
  • RFR's flat-fee recruiting service streamlined the hiring process, optimizing efficiency and showcased a pool of impressive candidates.
  • Successfully hired remote talent in the US and LATAM, fortifying and diversifying AXNY's marketing team.

“Their pipeline into the LATAM market made a huge impact on us almost immediately. They were able to resource candidates around our very particular needs quickly, and in several cases, it was a challenge to decide on our final selection because we were so impressed with the pool of candidates.” - Mike Bodkin, CEO of Giant Propeller

Impact on AXNY's Global Team Strategy:

  • Achieved a remarkable 90% retention rate for team members recruited through Remote First Recruiting.
  • Exceptional team members, excited and loyal, continue to play a pivotal role in AXNY's success and overarching team-building strategy.

Positive Experience and Recommendations:

"Our partnership with Remote First Recruiting has been a game-changer in overcoming global team-building challenges. Boasting a 90% retention rate, our exceptional team, sourced through Remote First Recruiting, has been a cornerstone of our success. We wholeheartedly recommend RFR to companies seeking efficient and tailored solutions for team expansion, especially in the dynamic Latin American market. As a diverse and innovative company with brands like Aerosoles, Giant Propeller, and AXNY in our portfolio, Remote First Recruiting’s expertise has proven invaluable in securing top-tier talent for our ventures."

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