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How a Marketing Agency Hired a Sr. Affiliate Manager in 2 Weeks

How a Marketing Agency Hired a Sr. Affiliate Manager in 2 Weeks - Remote Resources - Dynamite Jobs

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  • Fast Growing Marketing Company
  • Fully Remote and Global Team
  • Hired: Senior Affiliate Manager
  • Length of Hiring Process: 15 days from start to finish


Our Remote First Recruiting team recently helped a Marketing Agency hire a Senior Affiliate Manager from Latin America in just 15 days. 

The company is growing quickly and was ready to bring its affiliate management in-house. They also needed an experienced candidate with superior networking skills and had a fixed salary rate. This is where Remote First Recruiting came in to help.

Using our extensive network (ninja skills😏) and expertise in remote hiring, we were able to source A-player candidates for the role within just a few days. We then conducted screening interviews and found an excellent fit, with our 1st interview.

This doesn’t always happen, but when it does it is b-e-a-utiful. 

The first candidate we screened stood out in many ways – a seasoned Affiliate Manager from Latin America with extensive networking experience. Her skillset and background were a fit, with over 3 years of experience managing global affiliates from a remote position. But the most important piece of the puzzle was that he was an excellent cultural fit for the company. The candidate will be working hand-in-hand with the founder and core leadership team, and personality fit was extremely important for long-term success. 

Thanks to the company’s quick feedback, interviews, and our efficient process, the Marketing Agency was able to hire a highly qualified Sr. Affiliate Manager in just 15 days. Remote First Recruiting was proud to help facilitate this successful remote hire and we look forward to helping more companies find top talent from around the world. 💪

An open position can cost a company money in a number of ways, including decreased output, missed deadlines, and decreased morale among existing team members. By filling this Sr. Affiliate Manager role quickly, the agency was able to minimize these costs and maintain its productivity levels.

🚨 It’s no wonder they found an excellent fit quickly,  as there is a significant pool of qualified affiliate and relationship manager talent in Latin America, and many of them can be hired for a competitive price point. In recent years, the affiliate industry in Latin America has been growing rapidly, and many professionals in this field have gained valuable experience working for multinational companies and affiliates around the globe.

The cost of living in Latin America is often lower than in other parts of the world, which means that companies can often hire highly qualified affilate managers for a lower salary than they would have to pay for the same level of talent in other regions.

Our Remote First Recruiting team has extensive experience in recruiting and hiring remote talent from all over the world, including Latin America. Our network of candidates in the region includes highly qualified affiliate managers who are eager to work remotely for companies around the world.


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