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Why Founders are Hiring CSMs in the U.S. Instead of Offshore

Why Founders are Hiring CSMs in the U.S. Instead of Offshore - Remote Resources - Dynamite Jobs

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We recently collaborated with a newly funded SaaS company to fulfill their critical staffing needs. In this case study, we explore how our tailored approach facilitated the hiring of eight Customer Success Managers (CSMs) across the United States, all remote-based, with salaries ranging from $65,000 to $90,000, and possessing 2-5 years of SaaS experience. As well as why this company, and many founders we’ve worked with, are choosing to hire CSMs in the United States, instead of LATAM or Europe. 


The SaaS company, in its growth phase post-funding, encountered challenges in sourcing qualified CSMs who could work remotely. The competitive landscape and specific skill requirements made the recruitment process complex. Moreover, the company desired a diverse talent pool spread across different geographical regions in the US. It’s worth noting that the company has utilized our global hiring services, specifically helping them hire in Latin America, however, for these customer success managers they realized the importance of hiring within the United States. 


 The decision to hire Customer Success Managers (CSMs) in the US instead of from Latin America or Europe stems from several key factors:

  1. Cultural Alignment: North American startups often prioritize cultural alignment and language proficiency when serving predominantly English-speaking customer bases. Hiring CSMs from the US ensures seamless communication and understanding of customer needs.
  2. Time Zone Compatibility: Being in the same or similar time zones as their customers in North America facilitates better customer support and responsiveness. This enhances the overall customer experience and satisfaction.
  3. Market Knowledge: CSMs based in the US tend to have a deeper understanding of the North American market dynamics, customer preferences, and industry trends. This insight is invaluable in tailoring customer success strategies and driving business growth.
  4. Salary Considerations: While salaries for US-based hires may be higher compared to those in Latin America or Europe, companies recognize the importance of balancing salary requirements with the benefits of hiring locally. This includes reduced language barriers, cultural affinity, and accessibility for in-person meetings or events when necessary.

By choosing to hire CSMs in the US, companies can effectively meet their customer success goals while acknowledging the value of a diverse and inclusive workforce. It's about finding the right balance between salary considerations and the strategic advantages of hiring locally.


  1. Customized Recruitment Strategy: Our team crafted a recruitment strategy tailored to the client's requirements. This included leveraging our extensive network and utilizing targeted job postings on remote work platforms to attract suitable candidates.
  2. Thorough Screening Process: Our team conducted rigorous screenings to evaluate candidates' technical competencies, soft skills, and remote work experience. We utilized video interviews and assessments to ensure compatibility with the remote work environment.
  3. Diverse Talent Pool: Recognizing the importance of diversity, we actively sought candidates from varied backgrounds and regions across the US. This approach enriched the talent pool and fostered a culture of inclusivity within the client's organization.
  4. Salary Negotiation Assistance: Remote First Recruiting provided guidance and support throughout the salary negotiation process, ensuring that both the company and the candidates reached mutually beneficial agreements within the specified salary ranges.


Through our collaborative efforts, Remote First Recruiting successfully assisted the SaaS company in hiring eight qualified CSMs, all working remotely across different states in the US. The candidates brought valuable SaaS experience ranging from 2 to 5 years, aligning perfectly with the client's needs and robust software understanding. Additionally, the salary ranges offered were competitive, attracting top-tier talent to the organization.

The partnership between Remote First Recruiting and the recently funded SaaS company exemplifies the effectiveness of a tailored remote recruitment approach. By understanding our client's unique requirements, leveraging our network, and prioritizing diversity, we facilitated the acquisition of top talent in the competitive landscape of remote work. 

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