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Why Founders Need an Executive Assistant

Why Founders Need an Executive Assistant - Remote Resources - Dynamite Jobs

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It's 2024 - time to hire that assistant you’ve had on your mind since you started your company. 

Hiring an assistant isn't just about lightening your workload; it's about reclaiming your precious time, streamlining tasks and getting your focus back. Founders carry everything on their plate - assistants help ease the burden as you work on scaling your company. 

We all know the pivotal role they play in keeping the wheels of your company turning smoothly (and preserving your sanity in the process). But finding the right VA or EA fit can be a daunting task—one that can either streamline your workflow or add layers of complexity to your day-to-day operations.

We’ve helped a lot of founders like you, hiring a first key hire, handing off some tasks and feeling nervous about the investment, or how to even start finding the right team member. To help you find the right assistant, we've put together some key attributes we look for in a top-tier assistant into a simple, yet powerful, cheat sheet. 


  1. Excellent Proactive Communicator: Gone are the days of reactive assistance. A great EA doesn't just wait for tasks to land in their lap; they anticipate your needs before you even realize them yourself. From preemptively addressing client inquiries to staying two steps ahead of your schedule, proactive communication is the hallmark of an invaluable assistant.
  2. Detail Oriented to the Core: In the fast-paced world of business, there's no room for error. Your EA should be your organizational guru, leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of perfection. From meticulously crafted email responses to flawlessly executed projects, attention to detail isn't just a bonus—it's non-negotiable.
  3. Trustworthy to the Nth Degree: At the end of the day, trust forms the bedrock of any successful partnership. Your EA is privy to sensitive information, both personal and professional, and must uphold the highest standards of integrity. If you find yourself hesitating to share confidential details, it may be time to reassess your assistant's suitability for the role.



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-Krista & the RFR Team ✌️

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