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5 Hacks to Manage Your Growing Remote Team

5 Hacks to Manage Your Growing Remote Team - Remote Resources - Dynamite Jobs

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Building a remote team can feel like wrangling kittens in VR, especially for founders of fast-growing remote teams.   

If you’ve ever felt a bit lost in how to help reign in your team, know you’re not alone. We work with founders all over the globe leading teams from 2-100 from Latin America, Europe, Asia, and North America, and from our conversations with them we've pieced together 5 practical things they do that help their teams run smoothly.


  1. Communication is King (and Queen): Make sure everyone's on the same page with a mix of video calls, instant messaging, and even emails. Remember, in the remote world, overcommunication is key.
  2. Trust Your Team: Micromanaging across borders is like driving blindfolded. Empower your team and give them ownership of their work. Regular check-ins are important, but give them the space to thrive.
  3. Ditch the Spreadsheets, Embrace the Toolkit: Upgrade from messy spreadsheets to project management software and collaboration tools. These are your virtual stables, keeping everyone organized and (hopefully) content. We recently started using Notion, and the whole team loves it!
  4. Celebrate the Wins, Big and Small: High fives can travel virtually! Recognize achievements publicly, organize team-building activities, or even have online cheers with your favorite drink.
  5. Foster a Virtual Water Cooler: Remote work can feel isolating. Bridge the gap with virtual coffee breaks, casual chats, or even game nights. It's all about building connections, even from afar. Start a #watercooler channel on your chat platform to encourage casual interactions.

Bonus Tip: Lead by example. Take breaks, maintain a healthy work-life balance, and show your team you're human. Happy leaders equal happy, high-performing teams!

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-Krista and the Remote First Recruiting Team ✌️

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