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How a Company Hired an E-Commerce Site Manager in 3 Weeks

How a Company Hired an E-Commerce Site Manager in 3 Weeks - Remote Resources - Dynamite Jobs

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  • Established E-Commerce Company
  • Fully Remote and Global Team
  • Hired: E-Commerce Site Manager
  • Length of Hiring Process: 21 days from start to finish


Our Remote First Recruiting team had the privilege of helping an 8 figure e-commerce company hire an E-Commerce Site Manager from North America in just 21 days. 

The company is thriving and wanted to invest back into itself with an experienced e-commerce position. Someone who’s responsibility would be to oversee and optimize the performance of their e-commerce website. With extensive remote experience in collaborative environments and who can effectively plan and deliver digital strategies. 

This was a brand new position for them as they’d had key players wearing many hats to keep up with inventory and demands, but not 1 key person responsible for the overall performance and optimization their growth demands. Sound familiar? It’s a common problem for scaling companies and something we often help with here at Remote First Recruiting. We love helping expanding teams conquer new roles and hires. 

Together, we partnered with the company, to set the strategy, and job description, and our RFR team got to work promoting the role and interviewing top candidates. 

The company interviewed the top 3 candidates and after 3 rounds of interviews, an offer was made. Their new rockstar hire has over 10 years of e-commerce experience, including proficiencies in Shopify Plus, and will streamline their processes, SOPs and handle all things e-commerce for them. Talk about a win and all within 3 weeks from strategizing the role to making the offer. 

How was this possible in 3 weeks? It came down to a few key factors:

  • 30-minute strategy session with our Remote First team to go over the key competencies of the role, experience needed and culture fit
  • Quick & specific feedback from the company on candidates we presented to them. Specific feedback on anything candidates are lacking is crucial during the hiring process, allowing our RFR team to pivot as needed as we screen candidates. The quicker the feedback comes in, the quicker we can pinpoint an A Player.
  • Efficient and clear interview process- something we hammer out during our strategy call with hiring teams. Who’s interviewing, what’s the order of interviews and how do we quickly move candidates through the entire interview and assessment process. Key players are NOT on the market for long, so hammering these details out before you begin interviewing is crucial.
  • Not being afraid to make a decision. Have you ever interviewed someone you knew was the perfect fit, but another team member wanted to wait to see 3-4 more options? It’s not a bad idea to interview a handful of candidates, but if you’re certain on 1, make the move and send them an offer. Like we mentioned, A Players are never on the market for long. Don’t let them get swept up by another offer just so you can cross off 5 interviews on your checklist. The longer you keep them waiting around, the more likely it is that they’ll take another offer or you’ll need to compete with a higher salary offer to seal the deal. 

This company was eager to hire and streamlining the interview process made it easy to close this role in less than 30 days. They needed an A Player that could jump in and make a difference ASAP, and that’s exactly what they got. 

We’re proud to have added to their awesome team and love helping thriving companies make smart hires. Our RFR process saved them about 80% of their time in job promotion, strategy, application screenings, and initial interview screenings. We even presented the verbal offer and streamlined onboarding for them. So whatever part of the process you need an expert hand with, we’ve got you covered. 


How a Company Hired an E-Commerce Site Manager in 3 Weeks - Remote Resources - Dynamite Jobs

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